There is a great variety of materials socks can be made of. 😉 Bamboo, polyester or linen, wool or cotton, and more. Each material has its own benefits when it comes to everyday use, active or formal wear. 👌 Bamboo socks are great for sports and workouts, linen ones are resistant to general wear and tear, and a pair of woolen socks will give you the feeling of comfort, as well as keep your feet warm. But what about cotton? 🤔

    Cotton is one the most widespread and popular fabrics in the world. But no one knows exactly how old cotton is. 🤷‍♀ Scientists and historians still argue about exact age, although there is proof it could be at least 7.000 years old! 😳 Cotton was well-known at times of the greatest ancient civilizations too, having been harvested and woven into fabric in ancient Egypt, India, China, and Pakistan around 3.000 B.C. ❗

    But what are the benefits of cotton? Let’s find out. 👇

    Cotton is a natural fiber. It is very soft, has hypo-allergenic properties and feels great in wear. 👍 It's ideal for clothes and undergarments, bedsheets, towels, etc. If you choose cotton socks 🧦, you will enjoy a number of their exceptional characteristics.

    ✅ Cotton socks 🧦 give your feet comfort. If they fit well, there will be no blisters or sores. So be attentive to choosing correct sizes. 😉

    ✅ If properly cared for, cotton socks can hold color and original shape relatively well. 😊

    ✅ Cotton socks 🧦 are breathable. There’ll be no excess moisture which means your feet will stay dry. That’ll help to prevent bacteria growth. 👍

    ✅ Cotton is not a chemically-derived fiber. ❗️ It’s great for sensitive skin and doesn’t cause allergies and other unpleasant skin reactions. Thus, cotton socks 🧦 are a good choice for those who have problems with their feet or are allergic to synthetic fibers. ☺️

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